Susan Baxter Wildlife, Animal & Portrait Artist
Susan Baxter Wildlife, Animal & Portrait Artist


Growing up as a child with horses and dogs, I have always had a deep love of animals and from a very early age I spent most of my spare time drawing animals and people. Against the advice of my art teacher I chose a career in IT. Though I have had a successful and demanding career, through the years when time has allowed, I have continued with my drawing purely as a hobby.


In 2009 when I was between jobs, I tried my hand at painting with pastels. I loved this new medium and the way they suggest the softness and texture of an animals fur, giving a very realistic effect. They have a depth and dimension that in my opinion cannot be achieved in other mediums. Since then I have completely rediscovered my passion for drawing and painting animals and I have done various commissions. Working mostly from photographs, though it is always much better if I can actually see the animal or person in life. It is especially gratifying when you see the pleasure that the completed painting gives.   


My great love is painting wildlife and trying to capture the sprit and soul of these magnificent animals, many of which are seriously endangered. To this end I spend many hours taking reference photos and studying at close quarters these wonderful animals.


I work from my studio at home and exhibit regularly at Art Shows, Game Fairs and Craft Fairs. I have successfully exhibited at the National Exhibition of Wildlife Artists (NEWA) since 2012 and in 2013 was awarded the Chester Zoo award. In 2014 I was also awarded a Gold citation at The Wildlife of Art Society.


I am a member of The Wildlife of Art Society International (TWASI)


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